Wealth creation from sustainable-scalable model

  • Long-term gains from high value Agro-forestry cultivation

  • Regular short-term returns from intensive farming

  • Benefits of real-estate appreciation of farmland

  • Non-taxable income from agriculture

  • Farm house and other amenities for weekend gateway

  • Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at the backdrop of nature

  • Shared resources and hence lesser investment

  • Service

    Managed Agro Farms
  • the number of acres

  • the number of trees

    2,00,000 +
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Grow you money on "TREES"

If you are looking to own a farmland or invest in farming, you have landed at the right destination. We combine the intentions of investment, agriculture, forestry for high commercial returns in our Managed Agro Farms.

SquareRoots works for you right from choosing the convenient land, cultivating for high-yield till marketing the harvest. The exclusive farming models of SquareRoots concentrates on generating consistent regular income through intensive agriculture along with long term gains through high-value agro forestry cultivation.

Focusing on the uniqueness of the climate and soil, suitable variety of plants are chosen for high returns from the plantations. We offer
a. Sandalwood Plantations
b. Teak Plantations
c. Bamboo Plantations
d. Casuarina Plantations


Our Approach and Operations

1. SquareRoots chooses the large portion of convinient land depending on the nature of soil and available natural resources.

2. Documents are then well verified with legal experts.

3. Later the land is divided into standard smaller units, after making the necessary developments like irrigation, fencing etc.

4. The individuals can pick the land they want to possess.

5. SquareRoots team manages the plantations on behalf of the land-owners and ensure the growth of high quality timber.

6. Consistent communications will be maintained with the land-owners for regular update.

7. We hand hold you in the process of agriculture and farming, also help in marketing the crops harvested.


Contact Us

Whether you have question about our service, pricing, maintenance, or anything else, please write it to us. Our Team is here to answer all your queries.

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