Agriculture is the fundamental source of Prosperity

  • Regular passive source of Income

  • Shared Resources that reduces the investment and conserves nature

  • Holistic Farming experience

  • Non-taxable income from agriculture

  • High ROI by cultivating the crops in demand

  • Professional management services that result in higher yield

  • Service

    Community Farming
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Sustainable, integrated and prosperous agriculture is the future of Agriculture.

Community farming at SquareRoots facilitates non-farmers living and working in urban areas who have an urge to connect to nature through farming. With us they get to take part in agriculture and make a key investment and eco-friendly lifestyle opportunity along with consistent good returns from cultivation.

The expert farmers at SquareRoots works for you in cultivating the land. The community farming reduces the burden of infrastructures for each individual piece of land and conserves natural resources, thus nature.

Profits from agriculture is all about raising a particular crop with high demand and less supply at the right time. This gives us the opportunity to set the price instead of giving it on a take-it or leave-it basis. We offer
a. Vegetable Cultivation         b. Food Grains Cultivation
c. Fruits Cultivation                 d. Cereals and Millets Cultivation


Our Approach and Operations

a. SquareRoots buys or leases out a large portion of land and makes the suitable, required developments on the land which includes fencing, roads, irrigation, electricity.

b. The individuals are then allotted or allowed to choose the land the want to possess.

c. Individuals can choose the crops they want to cultivate in their land and we guide you to choose the crop with higher demand for greater returns.

d. Agricultural experts makes suitable plan for cultivation based on land-owner’s interest, uniqueness of soil and climate.

e. SquareRoots team of farmers manages the farms and ensure good produce from the field.

f. Clients can visit the farm as per their convenience and communication will be maintained for regular updates.

g. SquareRoots will actively market the produce and thus ensuring greater financial benefits for the clients.


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Whether you have question about our service, pricing, maintenance, or anything else, please write it to us. Our Team is here to answer all your queries.

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