The key lies in using the right practices with best technology!

  • Manage your land and cultivate it on your behalf for profitable produce

  • Deployment of correct farm technologies for consistent returns from agriculture.

  • Designing and installation of micro-irrigation, advanced fertilization.

  • End to end service providers of farming and agriculture.

  • Planning, designing and establishment of nurseries, poly houses.

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    Farm Management & Agri-Tech Deployments
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We understand the requirement, deploy farm technologies and
manage your farmland

A large portion of land is unclutivated either because the owner stays away from the land OR not able to deploy the correct and recent farm technologies for profitable produce.

Agriculture is a profitable business, the major challenges are
• Not able to give full time due to other profession
• Non-availability of agricultural labourers
• Non-deployment of advanced technologies in irrigation, fertilization etc.

We Offer a wide range of agricultural services and farm management.
a. Farm Development and Consulting - When your farm is in need of improvements or repairs, we are here to supervise each project.
b. Tillage, Fencing, Land Clearing, Soil Preparation, Land levelling, Irrigation and Planting.
c. Sourcing of quality and optimal planting materials, fertilizers and pesticides including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides.
d. Sustainable development and use of sustainable alternatives to traditional pesticides.
e. Planning, designing and establishment of nurseries, poly houses


Our Approach and Operations

• We hand hold you in the process of farming or even engage cultivation at your land on your behalf (min 20 acres of land).
• Once we have determined our clients' goals, we conduct a thorough initial farm analysis and resource review. A plan is prepared which suggests about the required developments which results in better yield and deploying/installing of the same is managed by SquareRoots.

Agriculture/ Farming is profitable when done in the right way. The advancement in farming technologies has brought new adaptable models which helps us harvest better yield both by quality and quantity. Invest in the required developments for sustainable, consistent returns from farming.


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Whether you have question about our service, pricing, maintenance, or anything else, please write it to us. Our Team is here to answer all your queries.

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