Farming is not only a profession but also a "LIFESTYLE"

SquareRoots - Purpose and Vision

SquareRoots is a premiere Agro-Realty and Farm Management firm headquatered in Bengaluru, providing end to end services in Agriculture, Farming and Urban Landscaping. Over 6 years of hands on experience in various sectors associated with agriculture, we've grown to have a stemming presence across 10+ districts and various customer segments. The team comprises of engineers, farmers and market experts from agriculture, horticulture, agri-tech. With years of experience, knowledge and results, today we hold the custodianship of various clients.

Farming is evolving as a better investment practice, both in terms of annual returns and capital gains through crops harvested, compost from farm-waste and appreciation of the real-estate value of property. In this regard we develop sustainable Long-term Investment opportunities along with regular Short-term Returns for our clients. SquareRoots stands as a dependable partner for Return on Investment (ROI), who they can trust, so they can do what they do best. Our unique farming models, approach & operations are driven by experience and expertise for higher commercial returns.

SquareRoots stands for investing in its people and we put monumenntal efforts in delivering what's promised. This makes our vision very clear to over-deliver with results and services, that exceeds the client's expectation to create a long lasting relationship. High ethical standard, focusing on results and performance culture within the deadline guides SquareRoots which beleive is very vital in achieveing organisation goals.


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Your Farming Partner

Land is measured as an aggregate of numerous 'squares', and we are dedicated to agriculture, hence comes the name "SquareRoots"

From the basic steps of analysing the nature of soil to as much as marketing the harvest, SquareRoots acts as a hands on, daily operator and works for you. We share your social responsibility of protecting the environment and reducing carbon foot print, for better earth and healthy living along with setting up a home away from home in the backdrop of nature.

Agriculture and Farming is evolving approch to innovations and better practices that helps increase the yield and efficiency for high returns meeting the market demands. Farming has many options when it comes to the types of crops one can grow in their land. At SquareRoots we strictly follow certain things for better yield and valuation of the produce
1. Sustainable, Integrated, High-Quality Agriculture
2. Protection of Environment and Natural Resources
3. High-Tech Solutions for farmers feeding the world
4. We recognize the traditions, carefully listen to the needs of farmers and deliver exceeding their expectataions




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